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John Daley is no small-time political figure. All politics is LOCAL. JOHN DALEY is one of the main reasons that Barack Hussein Obama sits in our President’s office. As the brother of disgraced Mayor Rich Daley, John has worked behind the scenes of Chicago for several decades, running patronage armies to elect pathetic and sordid candidates such as Carol Mosely Braun, Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Anita Alvarez, Danny Davis, Luis Gutierrez, Dick Durbin and Todd Stroger.

Will you make a donation to our campaign today to evict John Daley from our public office? We need to get our message out in brochures, mailings and signs, to over 150,000 voters, that neither our county, nor our country, can afford big government, LIBERAL, tax-and-spend Daley, in OUR office.

I, Carl Segvich, am the VOICE to speak up for putting American citizens first. As Commissioner, I will not ask, but demand: a forensic audit to uncover where every penny of our annual $5 billion is going; our sales taxes be reduced; our government documents are printed in English only; take down all red-light and speeding cameras; merge over-lapping departments; decrease business taxes and regulations which are chasing businesses and jobs out; decrease, not increase property taxes; encourage all adults to responsibly arm themselves; close down the primitive Recorder of Deeds Office; elect a State’s Attorney who PROSECUTES, NOT DEFENDS our criminal politicians; call in the feds to prosecute our elected prosecutor, who, as part of this criminal political mob, refuses to investigate, much less prosecute; end affirmative action; our County Sheriff works to arrest and deport ILLEGAL aliens.

John is a stealthy manipulator who stays out of the public eye as much as possible with the help of our extremely liberal media! Meanwhile he promotes the most anti-Christian and anti-American PUBLIC POLICIES which are responsible for our increasingly decadent world. Our nation is morally and financially bankrupt in large part because of the corrupt Chicago (Daley) politics now being exercised in Washington. Daley supports continued increases in sales taxes and property taxes. Daley supports a Sheriff who works to disarm law-abiding citizens, as gangs and ILLEGALS kill us. Daley supports spending millions on putting our government documents in 10 different languages. That’s our money buying him votes. Daley supports rigged red-light cameras punishing our motorists on streets which are already frustrating to travel; Daley supports ILLEGAL ALIENS as Cook County goes broke, many citizens are moving OUT, and 1 in 5 of our citizens are on food stamps to stay alive. Daley supports affirmative action and quotas. When does the war against Caucasians end? None of this gets reported by media because they all have the same agenda -- grow government and destroy conservative America…kill the traditional American family and put the kids in the “care” of government. Dumb everyone down.

When John Daley’s army put Obama in as U.S. senator in Illinois, and then President with absolutely NO experience, we conservative thinkers predicted that race relations would get worse, not better. Sadly we were right. The dummy-down system and political correctness, destroys our intelligence. A lack of serious thinkers and honest policy-makers has created the growing chaos and violence in our streets.

None of this gets reported by crooked dishonest media. We are reporting it! Like you, our campaign team is sick and tired of the increasing corruption. I have been featured on TV stations and newspapers about the gangs crossing our border. Media play the nefarious game of exploiting your Christian charity, pulling at your heart-strings, pretending that the illegals are only innocent refugee children. I have been upfront in reporting about drug-dealers and human-traffickers.

So we are fighting both the crooked, stealthy John Daley, and the nefariously dishonest, misinforming, disinforming MEDIA!

We need your help NOW with only weeks till early voting begins, and the machine starts stealing votes…and now they are using same-day registration with no ID required.

To change these insane laws, we must put a loud voice of reform into Cook County politics & government. I have that LOUD voice. For 26 years I’ve been exposing political crimes which are destroying our country and demoralizing our long-held existence and traditions as freedom-loving individual American citizens.

Send a check today to Citizens For Segvich to take America back. Freedom is not free. All politics is local. We must take to our streets to campaign to get our message to over 150,000 voters. Don’t allow Daley another 4 years to promote ILLEGAL aliens and financially rape American citizens.

If re-elected, John Daley will use his power to support Hillary or worse for President. I promise to never support a liberal democrat for any office. We are not here to continue to support the Daley family. This is about supporting YOUR country and YOUR family!

All politics is LOCAL!


Citizens For Segvich

ph 312 404-2275 Carl@Segvich.US www.Segvich.US

P.S. It takes clean money to beat dirty money. It takes financial support to win political campaigns to retake
OUR government. John Daley has millions of dollars. Our campaign has limited money. BUT OUR 12

Make checks payable to: Citizens For Segvich
3110 S. Wells St.
Chicago, Il 60616

A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

-- Defend AMERICAN values --

    All politics is LOCAL. Make a donation today to FIRE JOHN DALEY.


    Help us take OUR government back, starting in Cook County.



Citizens For Segvich
3110 S. Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60616
John P. Daley is at the very center of a long ongoing cowardly Political MAFIA that is destroying the constitution of our United States of America but as Mark Twain said “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Dear Americans, as we lose OUR COUNTRY, I am obliged to inform you that it is the Chicago Political Daley Crime Family ("Useful idiots" as Lenin and Stalin predicted) that has INFLICTED OBAMA on our once great nation.

“Obama’s ideology may come from Saul Alinsky’s acolytes, but his political tactics come straight from the Daley playbook." -John Fund is an American political journalist, and a member  of the Wall Street  Journal's editorial  board. He is currently the  national -affairs columnist for National Review Online and a senior editor  at  The American  Spectator. He is author of  "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy"


Platform of Team Segvich, Candidate for Cook

County Commissioner for the 11th District




Forensic Audit of all Cook County Finances

A forensic audit will provide a comprehensive study of where taxpayer funds are being
spent vs. the actual budget. This will identify opportunities for reducing unnecessary

Cut Waste, Fraud & Abuse

There are 10 Cook County government officials, independently elected, with large budgets and little accountability: Assessor, 3 Commissioners for Board of Review, County Clerk, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Recorder of Deeds, Sheriff, State’s Attorney, and Treasurer. In this time when bloated government budgets are draining our wallets, what is needed is efficient government. This means eliminating unnecessary programs and related expenses.

County government must live within its means. Public debt must only be incurred when absolutely necessary. I will implore the other 16 commissioners to join me in purposeful scrutiny before considering any further bond issues, and to call into account all contracts and large expenditures. We must stop growing government at the expense of the taxpayers. The citizens of Cook County demand accountability and more efficient government.


Property taxes

Our property values are decreasing while our government is assessing them at a higher
value and taxing us at a higher rate. Property taxes must be properly synchronized to
property values, so as not to overtax property owners.

We also have to make sure that property is fairly assessed in the first place. Fair taxes begin with a fair assessment.

All 102 counties in Illinois, except Cook, are assessed at a uniform rate of 33.3%. In Cook County, vacant lots, commercial property and industrial property are assessed at different rates. That is a glaring example of the complexity which adds to our tax bills. This is only one example which complicates the process of calculating property tax bills. Other examples are equalizer and multiplier calculations. Taken together, all of these complexities make for tax bills which are difficult to understand. We must rectify this problem by simplifying the calculation methodology.

Sales Tax

Sales taxes in Cook County are the highest in the nation. These high taxes drive businesses out of the county. Fewer businesses within Cook County automatically translates into decreased jobs. Accordingly sales taxes in general must be significantly lowered in order to attract both businesses and customers. This will restore a job-friendly business climate. Let’s put Cook County back to work.


Red Light Cameras – STOP the Harassment of Motorists

Throughout Cook County, residents and visitors alike are continuously harassed by a red camera system which intimidates drivers. Cook County reportedly has reduced the duration of the yellow light in order to collect more revenue. This also results in more rear-end collisions and subsequent injuries. The red light camera system in Cook County must be dismantled. Cook County needs to curb its wasteful spending so motorists aren’t harassed by government contrived techniques for extracting money just so the county’s bills can be paid.

STOP the Tax-payer funded abortions at Cook County Hospital

Taxpayers are already over-burdened with higher taxes and this is an excellent example of an opportunity to save millions every year in the Cook County Hospital budget. Polls show that regardless of opinions on abortion, most Americans do not want to spend tax dollars to fund abortion.

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11th Ward Republican Party

Carl Segvich – Committeeman
Phone 312-404-2275

Contact: Jim Komaniecki, Spokesperson
Phone: 630-302-9570

Dear Conservative Democrats of Illinois,

Obama and few others, including David Axelrod and the Chicago Daley family have hijacked the Democrat Party, and are destroying our nation. Christian American traditional values are under extreme attack by our government (eg., I.R.S) by Democrats each day. It is time to abandon the Democrat Party and JOIN your new Republican Party.

Patriotically yours,
Carl Segvich
Republican Committeeman, Chicago - 11th Ward.

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Open Letter to Citizens of Chicago and Cook County

Hello, my name is Carl Segvich. In our dumbed-down culture today, we are told to not discuss religion and politics (unless we are promoting modern-radical-liberalism, eg., social justice, free condoms, etc.) To win this American Culture (political) War, there are only two subjects we conservatives should be talking about. We must discuss politics and religion with our family, friends, neighbors and enemies, every chance we get!

Our 3rd. President, Thomas Jefferson said: All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Now consider today where Christianity, virtually the only moral opposition to tyranny, is continuously being attacked by the left, ie., the democrats, liberals, Hollywood, academia and especially the media. Worse yet, we can not only blame our political/cultural enemies who champion secularism and communism, because we Christians in general, and Catholics specifically, have shrunk from our responsibility. Today, we are a staggeringly deranged society, as people who call themselves "Catholics", finance David Axelrod and Obama to destroy the Catholic Church.    

So not only are we silent as Jefferson warned us not to be, we are actually committing national suicide; we are working for, and funding the anti-Christian and anti-American Progressive Agenda. Again, Catholics are paying to destroy the Catholic Church! Stunning! Even when we couch our statements, and we say stupid things such as "Well, to be politically correct, I must say it this way...." , we do not realize that we are really saying "Well, to be a coward, I must say it this way...". We don't realize that the definition of "Politically Correct" is "to be a coward!" Here in the United States of America, where our forefathers died so that we can speak, we do not speak unless we are promoting modern-radical-liberalism, eg., social justice, free condoms, etc.

Will you join me and other Christian American conservatives here in Chicago's 11th Ward, to save our United States of America?

Carl Segvich
11th Ward Republican Committeeman

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