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DEMOCRATS Attempt to Infiltrate GOP:
Chicago Political Cancer Responsible for Obama
Wants to Give Us Hillary Clinton Who Advocates For Gun CONFISCATION

CHICAGO - According to Chris Cleveland, Chairman of the Chicago GOP, the Chicago Democrats are attempting to take control of the Chicago Republican Party. In a press release, Cleveland wrote:

Democrats across the city are running for the position of Republican ward committeeman in Chicago in an apparent bid to extend their influence within the party.

Carl A. Segvich

Republican Committeeman, 11th Ward



3110 S. Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60616

312-404-CARL      Carl@Segvich.us

DEMOCRAT Richard Catezone has filed a petition to be a candidate for 11th Ward Republican Committeeman. This is a mockery to American citizens, especially in our 11th Ward.  On Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, Richard Catezone went on the PUBLIC RECORD pretending to represent Republican values, ie., Christian, conservative, patriotic American values. Catezone is working as a double-agent for the corrupt Chicago Democrat Party power structure. 

These operatives are known as RINOs, Republicans in name only.  They are doing more damage to our nation then the liberals and democrats.  At least with democrats, we know who they are.  With RINOs, we are stabbed in the back by cunning, treasonous cowards, demoralizing our society by poisoning the entire body-politic.

There is no surprise here.  This painful continual political cancer has oppressed Chicagoans for decades.

As your official 11th Ward Republican Committeeman, I, Carl Segvich, am exposing this unmitigated, on-going fraud.  Our staff will shine the light on Richard Catezone relentlessly.  We will expose his utter betrayal of the real Illinois Republican Party. In the upcoming days and weeks, our research staff will bring much more information out from the PUBLIC RECORD  We invite all citizens and media to disseminate this information far and wide.  The election is March 15, 2016 and early voting begins Feb. 20, 2016.

Our nation is in a post-constitutional state and entering a post-Christian era.  Our nation, and even our lives, hang in the balance.  All Americans must choose what side they are on: Conservatism or Liberalism. 



Carl Segvich

Carl Segvich,  11th Ward Republican Committeeman


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Contact: Jim Komaniecki – Chief of Staff

Phone – 630-302-9570

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Chicago 11th Ward GOP Censures Mark Kirk --
Endorses GOP Challenger James Marter

CHICAGO - A Republican organization in Chicago censured incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Kirk Tuesday night, and withdrew their support during the upcoming GOP primary, tossing it to Kirk's challenger, James Marter. 

The Chicago's 11th Ward GOP is the third Republican group to have publicly condemned Kirk's voting record in the U.S. Senate. Other party groups include the Aurora Township GOP and the Batavia Township GOP.

"Any and all forms of support which the 11th Ward Republican Party of Chicago, IL customarily gives Republican candidates, including but not limited to promotion in voter outreach efforts, is now revoked from Senator Mark Kirk and his campaign for the United States Senate. The Senator’s name will be removed, or otherwise redacted from all voting guides and materials that this body’s precinct committee persons distribute to their constituents," a two-page resolution accepted by the GOP group says.

The 11th Ward criticized Senator Kirk's recent votes that did not line up with the Illinois Republican Party platform on key issues, including abortion:

Whereas, while entrusted with the office of Senator by the voters of Illinois, Mark Kirk has committed several actions incompatible with the principles of the Illinois Republican Party, among which the following acts are the most recent and egregious offenses upon which this Resolution in Support of Censure is motivated:

1. Voted “nay” on a bill that would restrict-on a federal level- abortion at or past the past the point of fetal viability (assessed at twenty weeks).

2. Voted to defeat the United States Senate effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Senator Kirk was the sole member of the Republican Senate to ally with Senate Democrats in voting to continue tax-payer funding of the aforementioned organization after the appearance of significant evidence that it, as a business, was engaged in the dissection and preparation of fetal bodies for purported “research” and apparent profit.

The resolution is signed by 11th Ward GOP Committeeman Carl Segvich and James M. Komaniecki, Secretary and Chief of Staff of the organization.

Segvich told Illinois Review Wednesday that "our 11th Ward Republican Party will NOT be endorsing Mark Kirk for re-election. We are endorsing James Marter for our United States Senate."

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